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Anti-Counterfeiting & Anti-Piracy

The reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material and counterfeiting is big business, with annual revenue losses to owners running to billions of dollars.

But you can protect what’s yours. And you not only make it difficult for counterfeiters to profit from your reputation but you can also stop them quickly and effectively – with the right strategy and the right partner.

Parallel Import also referred to as “grey market goods” allows less scrupulous re-sellers to exploit price differentials by selling branded goods at a discount in some markets at the expense of the authorised distributor. We have effective methods to act against parallel importers. Talk to us and it will be done.

Thanks to a strong presence in Europe our success rate is consistently high between 90 and 100%.

Brand owners benefit from our expertise

For over one decade

our team has litigated intellectual property cases involving trademark, patent, copyright and unfair competition. We were quite successful for our clients in several landmark cases and this experience is brought in all the work performed by our law firm.

We are IP

We have made intellectual property our sole focus.

Awarded IP Boutique Law Firm

Law Firm of the Year Germany 2017 for Trademark Law

ANWALT AG was awarded the “Trademark Law Firm of the Year 2017 in Germany”. ACQ5 Global Awards mark excellence for the world’s leading advisers in an array of countries and continents. ACQ5 awards those successful law firms who have over the past 12 months shown excellence not only in expertise but in service. The title honours our whole team. It shows the work we do every day for our clients is paying off.

What our clients say

Some of the most recognised brands in the world trust us and rely on the strategies of Chris Zierhut to protect their brands across industry such as Fashion, Car Accessories and Consumer Products.

We are careful to only refer to our clients with permission from the client, and we are lucky that most, if not all, are happy to act as a reference.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for further information.

“Unmatched work. Mr. Zierhut is my lawyer” (Reza Tehrani, Director Earnest Sewn)

“Expert knowledge in brand protection and counterfeit border control” (Alina Landver, Director of Intellectual Property Ed Hardy)

“After years of lack of control by the authorities, we were able to take a major step forward in brand protection, especially in Europe. Christian succeeded within a year in developing a true x-ray image. He revealed the criminal persons and took high-effective counter-measures. ” (Maria Bricall)