Trademark Requirements for Amazon’s Brand Registry

Due to its popularity, trademark breaches, product counterfeiters, and list hijackers have become a major issue across the Amazon market. Amazon recently released the newest variety of the Amazon Brand Registry. This is a registry available  to Federal Recorded Brand Possessors in Euroep and the United States. Amazon currently needs retailers to have federal brand registration to meet the requirements for Amazon brand registration. Amazon Brand Registry offers the right to use influential tools such as registered transcript and image explorations, extrapolative mechanization established on the information of suspicious IPR violations, and improved power over your branded product list.

To participate in the Amazon Trademark Registry, you need to prove that your brand is active and registered.

You must submit a government registered trademark registration or serial number. You will also be required to provide a logo image, an image of the product covered by the brand, and a list of countries where the product is manufactured and sold. If you have already registered your brand, we recommend that you reapply for Amazon Brand Registration for each brand. The new Amazon Trademark Registry further protects your products from counterfeiting and trademark hijacking. Some of the new features Amazon offers include the ability to upload property videos and photos to the product page and receive your own Amazon URL. Besides, Amazon offers sellers who have registered their trademarks in the Amazon Trademark Registry new features that help protect their intellectual property.

As a result, vendors receive thousands of complaints daily about counterfeiting, infringement, and other legal issues. Because trademark registration implies, among other reasons, that the vendor of the cataloging is the possessor of the brand itself by law and the brand is legal, Amazon requires brand verification for trademark registration.

If you previously registered your trademark in the Amazon Trademark Registry but did not have a registered trademark in the federal government, you will need to go through the federal trademark registration process due to new Amazon requirements. While this may seem awkward, obtaining a federal trademark registration has many benefits that can be offered to your brand.

It takes at least two months to get a trademark registration. The German trademark is one of the fastest to get. We can submit a “special request.” This is a request to the German trademark  office to expedite the initial trademark examination. There will be further charges, and simply, the “first stage” above will be shortened.

Registering a trademark right is very important. A small mistake can delay trademark registration in the Amazon Brand Registry for several months and infringe on the trademark right.  Following steps are important for registration:

  • All trademark owners need to know what is used in the market. Trademark owners can be liable for serious damage if an experienced expert does not conduct a thorough investigation. If you try to submit a brand, you’ll see that so many competitors are already using similar brands.
  • Drafting applications is especially important for Amazon’s brand registration. If you accidentally edit the tender, Amazon may reject your trademark registration request, even if you successfully acquired the brand registration.
  • After completion of brand legalization, a brand legalization license will be sent, and a brand recording number will be delivered. The certificate is displayed online. You can then submit your data to Amazon.

Amazon Trademark legalization is a sensational platform and a great motive to record a brand to start trading.

You may also receive some additional benefits by registering your trademark with Amazon. Registering a trademark helps protect your business and customers from counterfeit products. It also protects you from trademark takeover and prevents another entity or individual from stealing and registering your brand. Trademarks provide domestic protection, but can also be used to prevent Asian companies exporting products to Europe and the United States.

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