How Z I E R H U T * I P protects their clients products being contributed illegally

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The subject of “brand and product piracy” has become increasingly important in recent years. It causes the companies concerned significant problems in the form of lost sales and devaluation of protected brands.

There are various approaches to defending product pirates, including border confiscation under customs law. Border seizure is an effective tool to combat brand and product piracy. Customs border confiscation gives rightholders the opportunity to to have counterfeits removed from circulation and to be destroyed and to uncover distribution channels and the identity of counterfeiters and infringers. Border seizures are therefore an effective tool, particularly in the case of as yet unknown violations.

Border seizure provides immediate protection against counterfeiting and slavish imitation, as well as a way of preventing it in the future of product piracy by manufacturers who have already noticed illegal exports. Thanks to well-founded border seizure applications, the import and export of total counterfeits can already take place at the EU’s external borders be prevented.

Our cooperation with the customs administrations of the European Union is one of the most effective weapons to ensure that your rights are enforced at the EU frontline.

Thanks to the information we provide, the customs authorities can import goods suspected of violating intellectual property rights, easier to identify, take the necessary immediate action and u. a. stop the delivery of the goods. This results in border control procedures, searches and seizures.

Rightholders therefore have the option of preventing the import, export and sale of counterfeits in the EU as a preventative measure. Border seizure is an effective means, u. a. since the confiscation by customs and the associated impending destruction puts the right holder in an ideal negotiating position with the infringer Border seizure applications can also accompany legal infringement proceedings be used.

With all of this, it should not be overlooked that due to the immense number of people in the EU imported goods a border seizure application primarily as a flanking measure further measures can be understood should. In no case does border seizure replace active market observation and the pursuit of discovered legal violations.

In view of the enormous flow of goods, the possibilities for the customs authorities to find brand-infringing goods or counterfeits are limited. It is all the more important to support the customs authorities as well as possible and the special features of the originals and property rights work out as best as possible when setting up the application. That is why we are here.

Your brand is the most valuable asset. We help you keep it that way.

We have been advising on the fight against product piracy for over 15 years. As one of the pioneers in this field, we set up border seizures for our clients and worked with customs and mobile task forces and law enforcement agencies. There is no silver bullet in the fight against product piracy. We access the entire arsenal of civil and criminal law opportunities and develop an individual strategy for each client to solve the problem. We always pay particular attention to optimizing the costs for our clients. This means in particular the use of counterfeiters, importers and their commercial customers with regard to reimbursement of our costs and license damages.

Z I E R H U T * I P  Attorneys for Brand Protection in the global market

With unparalleled experience we, Z I E R H U T * I P , defend the valueable brands of our clients on all marketplaces worldwide using a combination of our advanced techniques, unique Brand Protection Strategy, our partnership with Customs Authorities, our large network of local agents to perform on site investigations, inspections and test purchases in more than 100 countries. Our proprietary technology is the core of our solution with learning algorithms that scan the internet and identify infringements all while reporting in real time to our clients.