Trademark Registration in Norway

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      Trademark Law in Norway

      The primary legal basis of Norwegian trademark law is the Norwegian Trademark Act, No. 8 of March 26, 2010. Norway is a “first-to-file” country, and trademark protection is primarily obtained through registration. However, protection can also be acquired through extensive use, once the mark becomes “well known” within the relevant trade circle. Protection for unregistered marks remains for as long as the mark remains “well known”. Norway is a member of the Madrid Protocol.We will prepare and file your trademark for registration.

      What can be registered as a Trademark in Norway

      Registrable are all distinctive and graphically representable signs, such as words, names, acronyms, letters, numbers, devices, colours or colour combinations, three-dimensional forms, the three-dimensional form of a good or its packaging as well as sound marks, holograms, moving images and any combination of the mentioned signs.

      Registration Proceedings

      The application is filed with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO). Multiple-class applications are allowed.
      Foreign applicants need a domestic registration for their mark unless
      – The applicant is domiciled in a Paris Convention member state
      – The applicant is domiciled in a WTO Agreement member state
      – The applicant is domiciled in a country which does not require for Norwegian applicants to submit proof of domestic registrations in support of trademark filings in that country.
      The NIPO may, theoretically, request evidence of domestic registration in such instances, but does not perform ex officio examination in regard to such filing basis. The application process includes a formal examination on absolute and relative grounds. That means a formalities check and an examination of distinctiveness and conflicting rights in the form of registered trademarks.The processing time from first filing to registration or first office action is normally between 3 and 6 months. There exists a fast-track option that brings the processing time down to approximately two weeks.

      Opposition period

      The opposition period is 3 months from publication of registration.

      Use Requirements

      Practical details on trademark use requirements are available for our clients. We have compiled a whitepaper on Trademark Use Requirements.
      Amongst others our whitepaper answers the following questions:
      In evidence of use required?
      Formal requirements?
      Nature and extent of use?
      Is it sufficent to use the mark for one of the designated goods or services?
      Use requirements in the event of an International Registration?

      Trademark Licensing

      Practical details on trademark licensing are available for our clients. We have compiled a whitepaper on Trademark Licensing .
      Amongst others our whitepaper answers the following questions:
      Is a specific form required for a licence agreement?
      Can you license an unregistered trademark?
      Does the sale of the mark terminate a licence?
      Is it required to record the license with the Trademark Office?

      Trademark Renewal in Norway

      A trademark renewal in Norway is required every 10 years. The country is a party to the Madrid Agreement. Therefore, an application can be submitted to a local or international intellectual property office. Documents must be translated into Norwegian. The application’s consideration lasts up to 6 months.

      Trademark Registration Official Fees in Norway

      The official fee for filing a trademark application in Norway is NOK 2,900 for up to three classes and NOK 750 for each class in excess of three classes.