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What is our approach?

One goal might be to win the case …

For smaller, startup clients facing bet-the-company litigation against bigger, better-funded competitors, the cost of litigation may itself threaten the company’s continued viability. In those situations, we may try to get traction on critical issues at the outset of the case while aggressively containing costs through proactive discovery management. Other clients may simply want to settle as cheaply as possible. In those cases, we try to figure out the pressure points for settlement without getting distracted by expensive side-shows. As a result, we embrace the latest technology and case management techniques to enable us to provide our services more efficiently. At each stage, we focus on maximizing the benefits of our representation while minimizing the costs to our clients.

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We Track – We Anlyse – We Enfoce

By tracking activity and collecting evidence across online and real marketplaces, webshops and social media, we are able to determine “top offenders” to your brand. Furthermore we discover their physical contact information and we identify directorships and more.

To confirm or dismiss suspicions, we conduct Test Purchases including collecting evidential documentation that includes discreet investigations through our alled partners worldwide.

We customise each investigation to your demands.

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We defend your rights at the EU borders

Our Co-operation with European Union Customs administrations is the most effective weapon and in the frontline to enforce intellectual property rights at the EU borders. Thanks to the information provided by the right-holders, customs may identify more easily goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights (IPR) and take the necessary action.

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