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Specialization. Passion. Experience.

Legal success isn’t a matter of chance!


We focus on the intellectual property of our clients – only.


Sound expertise and intense practical experience combine with passion and creativity. The last is for us like the salt in the soup. An ingredient that matters when you want to be successful not just “on behalf” your clients.


comes through years of successful legal work. For over 16 years, we have been advising from the start-up to the multi-million dollar brand.

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One goal might be to win the case …

For smaller startup clients facing litigation against bigger better-funded competitors, the cost of litigation may itself threaten the company’s continued viability. In those situations, we may try to get traction on critical issues at the outset of the case while aggressively containing costs through proactive discovery management. In these cases, we draw down the discussion to the essentials and try to prevent the parties being distracted by side-effects.

An entirely different goal may be to build up as much pressure as possible, using just the best pressure and side shots, to get the opponent to give in. At every stage of the consultation, we focus on being as effective as possible for our clients while keeping an eye on the costs. It does not help if the costs are higher than the economic advantage at the end. Sometimes we feel that this important point receives even ledd attention the bigger the size of the law firm. We guarantee full cost transparency and maximum cost efficiency.

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Our Headquarter is located in Maximilianstreet in Munich. If your travels bring you to Munich feel free to stop in and say hello. It’s always desirable to put a face with a name. In the meantime please use the information below to contact us. We’re never more than a phone call or email away.

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