Online Enforcement Success Rate on all major maketplaces all over the world


Site investigations, inspections and test purchases in more than 107 countries


We work closely with Customs in more than 97 countries around the world

The Challenge

When counterfeits started appearing in regional bride shops GALIA LAHAV knew it was not only a threat to sales and to their retailers, but also a danger to their reputation. After running brand protection efforts internally, GALIA LAHAV quickly realized that the volume of counterfeiters was too high to take on alone.

The Solution

That’s when they decided it was time to start working with Z I E R H U T * I P . With keyword monitoring and image recognition tools GALIA LAHAV is now able to tackle their counterfeiting problem head-on across all top marketplaces worldwide.

The Result

Working with Z I E R H U T * I P , GALIA LAHAV has been to tackle the problem head-on. For GALIA LAHAV the ROI was clear: eliminating copycats with Z I E R H U T * I P has meant an 100% effectiveness rate in Europe.


Crafting luxury apparel for over three decades. GALIA LAHAV produces pristine couture fashion, made uniquely to the wearer’s physique, as each is custom and each hand sewnto every intricate beaded detail. The brand GALIA LAHAV apparel is kwon around the world..

Couture Wedding Dresses and Luxury Apparel


“Z I E R H U T * I P  can very efficiently prevent copycats exploit our brand. So, it just makes sense”

E. Wolber,
Regional Managing Director

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