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What are we offering?

Anti-Counterfeiting & Anti-Piracy


Counterfeiting affects every market – from fashion and pharmaceuticals to car parts and toys. But with the right strategy and partner, you not only make it difficult for counterfeiters to profit from your reputation, but you can also stop them quickly.

The first and best step you can take is to register your Intellectual Property Rights such as patents, trademarks and designs in key markets. That way, you will be ready to pursue a more reactive strategy once a violation has been established.

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We handle all aspects of copyright law, from securing timely registration for our clients’ works to complex matters such as enforcement of those rights through litigation in the federal courts. We have also developed successful approaches to our clients’ product development in ways that avoid infringement of the rights of others.
We have negotiated assignments and licenses relating to the transfer of copyrights and have evaluated the copyright implications of various commercial transactions. Our experience in the copyright field extends to diverse products and markets including computer software and documentation, music and entertainment, jewelry, and literary works.

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Counterfeit border control

That is where we come in. Our lawyers have been involved in numerous Border Control proceedings over the last 10 years. We have successfully represented complainants, respondents, and non-parties in investigations involving a diverse range of technologies, including car parts, clothing, mobile telephones, offroad tires to name a few. Zierhut’s ANWALT AG is uniquely equipped to handle investigations.

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Intellectual property licensing and other types of intellectual property transactions are crucial in today’s global business world. We have over one decade of experience handling a wide variety of licensing and transactional matters involving all types of intellectual property in all types of industries and in all corners of the world.

Our experience includes Assignments, Confidentiality and non-confidentiality agreements. Due diligence in connection with mergers, acquisitions, Joint ventures, Licensing

Our licensing and transaction attorneys have a variety of legal, business and technical backgrounds and are adept at negotiating, drafting and closing deals on patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and all other forms of intellectual property. Whether the client is a start-up company eager to secure the proprietary rights on which to build a business or a major corporation managing a huge portfolio of technology agreements, we have the expertise to handle any type of IP transaction.

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Innovators and brand owners consistently turn to Zierhut’s ANWALT AG for their most important intellectual property litigations. We have successfully litigated hundreds of trademark disputes in courts throughout Germany and Europe and before the Trademark Office and the Court of Appeals.

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Patent Prosecution

Our firm has unparalleled experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the European Patent and Trademark Office. We take pride in preparing patent applications which will help our clients accomplish their real world business objectives. For example, our broad litigation and licensing experience is invaluable in obtaining patents that can be effectively licensed or enforced against infringers. We also advise on the strategic aspects of patent prosecution, helping our clients develop appropriate and cost-effective patent portfolios.

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Our trademark lawyers include attorneys having extensive experience in all aspects of trademark law, including searching and clearance of trademarks; prosecuting trademark applications; and litigating trademark, unfair competition and dilution matters in German and European courts. Our trademark attorneys also have extensive experience practicing before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the German and the European Patent and Trademark Office.

We have both a sophisticated docketing system and an experienced group of trademark administrators that support our attorneys to ensure comprehensive protection for our clients’ marks. We regularly track trademark applications published for opposition by the Trademark Offices and monitor the Internet for trademark misuses. Where appropriate, we have the expertise to promptly take the steps necessary to protect our client’s trademark-related interests.

Our attorneys also have experience thwarting counterfeiters by working with the Courts and law enforcement to obtain and execute ex parte seizures and temporary restraining orders to prevent the continued distribution of infringing merchandise. We manage worldwide trademark portfolios, develop branding strategies to meet client goals and coordinate trademark oppositions, cancellations and enforcement disputes in Germany, Europe and on a global basis, working closely with allied leading trademark experts around the world.

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