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Z I E R H U T * I P is an awarded boutique law firm working discreetly for brands all over the world. We cover global scenarios and we protect our clients from counterfeiting, trademark abuse, click-fraud, adwords-Hijacking and all other forms of trademark infringements.

There are no simple fixes in the fight against product piracy.

This is why we use the entire arsenal of measures provided by civil, customs and criminal law to develop after an analysis an effective strategy to eleminate infringements and counterfeits. Our priority is always to keep the costs risk to our client as low as possible. To do so, we claim the costs for the proceedings from the infingers and their customers.

Unique expertise in enforcing trademark rights

For over 15 years now, we have been assisting clients in their fight against product piracy. We work closely with EU and US customs authorities to prevent cross-border trade and parallel imports of counterfeit goods into the EU. Due to our 15 years of practical experience, we have a close network of international correspondent attorneys and direct relationships with customs and law enforcement agencies. We have a great deal of experience, which allows us to successfully proceed against product pirates in the respective countries of origin as well.

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Brand owners benefit from our expertise

For over 15 years..

With the experience of over 7,000 successful trademark applications, we help our clients protect their name.

Meanwhile, we are a truly international law firm and one of the leaders amongst the law firms for brand protection. While we count numerous owners of world-famous brands among our clients, we also represent small and medium-sized businesses with the same commitment

Our experience reaches far beyond the borders of Europe. We negotiate intellectual property cases also in the US and China. How successful we are is demonstrated by the many court rulings we have been able to obtain over the years for our clients which reflect the quality of our work.

Intellectual property is our sole focus

and that makes us who we are. Z I E R H U T * I P 

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Awarded IP Boutique Law Firm – internationally known for first-class work

Boutique Law Firm of the Year

Z I E R H U T * I ​​P is awarded by ACQ5 Global after 17 18 2019 for the fourth consecutive time the “German Boutique Law Firm of the year 2020 for Brand Protection”.

Best Lawyers and Handelsblatt recommend Christian Zierhut founding partner of the boutique law firm Z I E R H U T * I P ,  who was awarded the title “Best Lawyers in Germany Brand Protection 2020” and are therefore included in the Handelsblatt rankings of Germany’s best attorneys in 2020. Christian Zierhut said upon receiving this distinctions: “I am deeply honoured to have been recognised as one of the Best Lawyers in Germany each year for more than a four years. We see these distinctions as an incentive to continue providing our clients with top-quality services. This success is a result of our passion for trademarks and intimate focus on every client regardless of size or status. These distinctions honour our whole team. It shows that the work we do every day for our clients is paying off.”

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Zierhut IP - Anwalt für Markenrecht in München von ACQ5 ausgezeichnet

Recognised by


“Expert knowledge in brand protection and counterfeit border control”

Alina Landver, Director of Intellectual Property Ed Hardy

“I thank Chris so much for his great work for all our brands in the Ed Hardy family”

Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy

“Unmatched work”

Reza Tehrani, Earnest Sewn

“After years of lack of control by the authorities we were able to take a major step forward in brand protection, especially in Europe. Christian succeeded within a year in developing a true x-ray image. He revealed the criminal persons and took high-effective counter-measures”

Maria Bricall, Valentino Rossi

“Chris Zierhut is the rare combination of academic law smarts and pragmatic counsel”

Toni Rieger, Rieger Tuning

What our clients say

We are excited about what we do. And this enthusiasm is reflected in results

Clients as Precisport, license of MotoGP and Formula1 champions, Christian Audigier the fashion designer of ED HARDY and the American tradition company Wham-O with over 70 years of Frisbee® history and some of the most recognizable consumer brands in the world today like Galia Lahav trust on our advice. Through our strategy we have succeeded in significantly reducing infringements by chinese vendors in Europe and the United States for the right owners of Stan Lee – Marvel’s superheros creator.

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