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Hire Great Attorneys To Protect Your Intellectual Property

Trademark law is our core competence

And we protect the brand equity and customer loyalty you’ve built

There are many law firms – there is ZIERHUT IP.

Our history goes back to the year 2002, when Christian Zierhut founded with “Ihr Anwalt 24” the first lawyer stock corporation, which was approved by the Bar Association of Munich. A story of creativity, a passion for law and the demand for excellent consulting.

Meanwhile, we are a truly international law firm and one of the leaders in the field of intellectual property. While we count numerous owners of world-famous brands among our clients, we also represent small and medium-sized businesses with the same commitment.

Protecting your intellectual property means coordination – every single action has to be adapted to your business strategy.

Here is ZIERHUT IP. on your side with its international offices and selected partners around the world, and advises you on all issues that need to be answered to protect your patents, trademarks and designs.

We are known internationally for our first-class work.

This expertise means we can intervene at every stage, from conception to brand enforcement. We advise on all legal issues, such as licensing, prosecution, law enforcement and commercial evaluation of trademarks and designs.

As one of the most renowned law firms for Intellectual Property (IP) in Germany, we offer our clients “one-stop IP”. From advice on trademark and design protection to copyright, antitrust and competition law and the strategic confiscation of counterfeits and prevention of parallel imports into the EU.

Thanks to our full-service offer and our unique competence in contesting and enforcing trademark rights, we have the advantage over many others. We represent our clients regulary cross-border before the EU Trade Mark Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the US Patent and Trademark Office, the EU Trade Mark Tribunals and the European Court of Justice.

In addition, we work closely with the customs authorities worldwide to effectively prevent cross-border trade of counterfeit goods for our clients.

You can protect what’s yours.

And you not only make it difficult for counterfeiters to profit from your reputation but you can also stop them quickly and effectively with the right strategy. Parallel-Grey-Market-Imports allow scrupulous re-sellers to exploit price differentials by selling branded goods at a discount in some markets at the expense of the authorised distributor. We have effective methods to act against it. Talk to us and it will be done.

We are excited about what we do. And this enthusiasm is reflected in results. And when it comes to enforcing the rights of our clients, a reputation as strongheaded  opponent precedes us.

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Brand owners benefit from our expertise

For over 15 years..

With the experience of over 7,000 successful trademark applications, we help our clients protect their name. Our experience reaches far beyond the borders of Europe. We negotiate industrial property cases in the US, Russia and China. How successful we are show the many court rulings we have been able to obtain over the years for our clients which reflect the quality of our work.

is Intellectual property our sole focus

and that makes us who we are: ZIERHUT IP. ONLY.

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Awarded IP Boutique Law Firm

Law Firm of the Year for Trademark Law in Germany

ZIERHUT IP. is recognized as one of the Top Intellectual Property Boutique Law Firms in Germany. ZIERHUT IP. is multiple times awarded as Trademark Law Firm of the Year in Germany. This success is a result of our passion for trademarks, designs and patents and intimate focus on every client, regardless of size or status.

And again ZIERHUT IP. was awarded the “Trademark Law Firm of the Year 2018 in Germany”. ACQ5 Global Awards mark excellence for the world’s leading advisers in an array of countries and continents. ACQ5 awards those successful law firms who have over the past 12 months shown excellence not only in expertise but in service. The title honours our whole team. It shows the work we do every day for our clients is paying off.

Since the beginning of 2011, Gerhard Bauer (Chief Trademark Counsel Daimler AG) has been President of INTA (International Trademark Association). For the first time, a German IP specialist has taken over the top of the most important association for intellectual property law. INTA is headquartered in New York with offices in Shanghai and Brussels. The association has close to 6,000 members, including brand manufacturers, consultants and university members, from more than 190 countries.

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“Expert knowledge in brand protection and counterfeit border control”

Alina Landver, Director of Intellectual Property Ed Hardy
“I thank Chris so much for his great work for all our brands in the Ed Hardy family”
Christian Audigier, Ed hardy founder

“Unmatched work. Mr. Zierhut is my lawyer”

Reza Tehrani, Director Earnest Sewn
“After years of lack of control by the authorities, we were able to take a major step forward in brand protection, especially in Europe. Christian succeeded within a year in developing a true x-ray image. He revealed the criminal persons and took high-effective counter-measures.”
Maria Bricall

“Chris Zierhut is the rare combination of academic law smarts and pragmatic counsel. He is the one you go to if you need someone to craft a creative, nuanced position.”

Toni Rieger

Client Feedback

World-famous brands such as Valentino Rossi, Ed Hardy, Earnest Sewn, Lord Calvert, the World Boxing Association WKU and the best-known automotive refiners rely on the expertise of Chris Zierhut to protect their brands ideas and products.

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Our Headquarter-office is located in Munich Germany, but our clients are located across Europe and USA and around the world. If your travels bring you to Munich feel free to stop in and say hello — it’s always nice to put a face with a name. In the meantime, please use the information below to contact us. We’re never more than a phone call or email away.

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Lawyer trademark protection

We are glad that you became aware of us in the search for a lawyer for trademark protection. If you would like to protect your company name or that of a product, we will help you with expertise and experience. For trademark protection, it is necessary to register your trademark with the Patent Office. But that’s not all. It is also necessary to overcome the absolute and relative protective conditions. We are there for you as an experienced lawyer for trademark protection with words and deeds. With us you receive comprehensive legal advice on the subject of trademark protection. In addition, we would be pleased to assist you if you would like to register your trademark, in the event of trademark infringements or negotiations on trademark license agreements.
With expertise and experience, we are your trusted expert in trademark law.

What does the trademark law say?

If a brand name is registered, the trademark law grants the owners corresponding rights. These rights can be used to combat potential trademark infringements. To help you benefit from the rights of a protected brand, we help you with our legal knowledge in the registration process. Once your trademark is registered, the trademark right applies. You may decide whether and who may use your license plate. Should a violation of the trademark rights take place after the registration by a third party, we will assist you to take legal action against these violations. For the unauthorized use of the trademark may be paid compensation. The rights are entirely up to the owner. By licensing, it is possible to rent the rights to third parties and pass them on. Here as well we support you as a lawyer for trademark law with our legal advice.

What a lawyer for competition law?

The purpose of competition law is to regulate competition between market participants with the ultimate goal of free competition. In our office we specialize in competition law. If you have violated the competition law and a warning is already in front of you, we know what to do. Rather, it is up to us to make sure that it does not even come to a warning. As a competition lawyer, we help you take appropriate action to make your brand legally secure.

Your experienced lawyer for competition law

We are your lawyer with a focus on competition law. We provide legal assistance before a warning is issued. With our extensive knowledge, we make your website legally compliant. You have already received a warning letter? No problem. We check expertly, if actually a reason for the warning is given.
You have detected a violation and would like to issue a warning against a competitor? Also in this case we help you gladly.

More than 10 years experience in competition law

The lawyers in our firm have more than 15 years of experience in competition law. We have already experienced numerous cases of competition law and know what to do. We are happy to support you with our experience and our concentrated legal knowledge.

Lawyer Competition Law – we are here for you

If you need the assistance of a lawyer for competition law, we are here for you. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. We represent your interests and help you with professional expertise. With an individual approach to your case. We look forward to your call or message.