Trademark Cancellations

Once a trademark is registered a third party may file a cancellation a proceeding similar to a court case, where both sides plead their cases through filings, discovery, interrogatories and depositions. It is often possible to work out a settlement.

We, Z I E R H U T * I P have been involved in hundreds of cancellation proceedings and we have extensive experience negotiating positive settlements for our clients to reduce costs while providing high-quality legal representation.

Trademark Cancellations

Trademark Cancellations

With our services we focuse on delivering quality legal services at a reasonable flat fee. You can rely on the experience of attorneys that have registered more than 4,000 trademarks. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • Over 4000 successful trademark registrations
  • Highly specialised trademark attorneys
  • Flat fee prices with no hidden costs

Response to an Office Action

from €199*
  • Since every Cancellation Proceedings is different we will first need to review your case and determine what needs to be done.
  • If you submit your information on the quote form we will review your case at no charge and provide a flat rate quote.

*plus VAT and possibly TM Office Fees. 

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