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Protect your valuable assets in China by applying for a chinese trademark.

With our flat fee trademark search and application service we focuse on delivering quality legal services at a reasonable flat fee. We use industry-leading trademark search tools and you can rely on the experience of attorneys that have registered more than 4,000 trademarks. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • Over 4000 successful trademark registrations
  • Highly specialised trademark attorneys
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Trademark Search & Registration Package

  • Consultation Time by an Expert Trademark Lawyer
  • Advice on the protectability of your brand
  • Developing a Trademark Strategy to correctly identify goods and services
  • Drafting and Filing of Application
  • Sending Registration Certificate

*plus VAT and TM Office Fees. The flat legal fee applies to a trademark search and filing in on class of goods/services. Request a quote on your specific trademark if it does not meet these parameters.

How it Works:

STEP 1: Complete our order form and pay the flat legal fee.

STEP 2: Within 4 business days, we will complete your comprehensive trademark search and e-mail you the results.

STEP 3: We will provide you with a phone consultation regarding the results of your trademark search and answer any other questions relating to your application.

STEP 4: We draft your application and send it for your final review.

STEP 5: We file your trademark application at which time you will pay the official filing fee to the trademark office, which is always $50 for one class of goods/services (and $50 for all subsequent classes).

What’s included:

Telephone consultation with a trademark expert attorney regarding the search results and your application.

Drafting and filing of your trademark application.

Tracking of your application once filed with the trademark office.

Mailing your trademark registration certificate upon receipt from the trademark office.

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  • This can be the name of an individual or a company. If a company will own the trademark, please indicate if it is a corporation, LLC or other.
  • We may contact you with important information and deadlines and a receipt of this application will also be emailed to you.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 15 MB.
  • Please describe the product(s) or service(s) that the trademark will represent.
    Generally we will complete your comprehensive trademark search within 4 business days and file the application after our telephone consultation regarding the search results.
    The Trademark Office is not an enforcement agency. Trademark owners must enforce their rights themselves. We will inform you about new confusingly similar applications so that you can take advantage of the bargain opportunity to appeal against the registration timely before the expiration of the opposition deadline. That's the most inexpensive way to kick similar marks out of the register. And that's why monitoring makes sense already from the moment of filing.
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8 Reasons to Register Your Trademarks in China

  1. If you produce in China you don’t want your own goods seized in China for trademark infirngement. That sounds weird but China is a first-to-file jurisdiction for trademarks and this means that if you don’t register your trademark, someone else could do it and then threat you to seize your goods for trademark infringement. Also export-only manufacturing constitutes infringing trademark use in China and So even if you are just manufacturing in China failing to register your trademark puts you at great risk of losing your brand and the possibility to produce under this brand in China. And register the Chinese-language version of your trademarks, too.
  2. To remove and takedown infringing listings from domestic Chinese e-commerce sites like Taobao and you need a Chinese trademark registration. Also social networking sites require a Chinese trademark registration and the sites take action more quickly with one. You don’t want to take the risk of having someone selling products with your name on them all around the world from China (or even just in China).
  3. If you want to license your products to a Chinese distributor then you need to own that brand name because you can’t license something you don’t own. A good Chinese distributor will insist that you register the trademark first; other distributors might register your trademark “on your behalf” without telling you.
  4. With few exceptions, a foreign trademark has no relevance in China. If you want to have counterfeit goods seized by Chinese Customs you need to hav a registered chinese trademark. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol would not seize goods based on a Chinese trademark registration as well. So the only way that Chinese Customs seize infringing goods is to first have a Chinese trademark registration.
  5. Because you want to file a lawsuit in China against counterfeiters. This seems obvious but is sometimes overlooked. You do not have any trademark rights in China unless you have registered your trademark in China. If you attempt to file a lawsuit in China for trademark infringement without actually owning the trademark in China that is allegedly being infringed, you will be laughed out loud by the court.
  6. It’s no mystery that China is the biggest market in the world, with monstrous buying power and a rapidly growing consumer class. Having a trademark registration in hand will make it that much easier for you to enter the Chinese market. Currently it takes at least a year from the trademark application date to the registration date assumimg everything goes smoothly. Having a trademark registration in hand will make it that much easier for you to enter the Chinese market.
  7. To make your company a more attractive buyout target. Companies found out often too late that a trademark squatter had already registered their trademark in China. A company that has its IP all zipped up will always be more attractive as a buyout target. We have represented several companies that register trademarks in China for no other reason than to increase its value to investors.