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We detect, validate, and enforce against counterfeiters

Unauthorized sellers and counterfeiting has become one of the biggest issues affecting brands today. The harms brands face are the loss of sales and the erosion of brand value in the eyes of customers. Brand perception and value suffers also by minimum advertised price violators and listing hijackers and piggy-backers who further deteriorate the value of your brand.

It’s more important than ever to make sure your brand is properly protected. We can help you develop a practical and cost-effective strategy for safeguarding your brand globally.

As well as our bespoke services we’ve devised tailored packages on a scalable retainer basis. This gives you the benefit of exceptional brand protection with reassuring cost certainty.

Our Process

Our process can be broken down into four simple and easy steps. First, we identify offenders. Next, we verify unauthorized and counterfeit sellers. Thirdly, we perform in-depth seller investigation and identification techniques. And finally, we pursue unauthorized sellers via Amazon, Alibaba, DHgate, Wish, Ebay & Co. with all legal options available.

  • Identify Difficult & Repeat Offenders
  • Verify Unauthorized Or Counterfeit Sellers
  • In-Depth Seller Investigation & Identification
  • Pursue Unauthorized Sellers Via Amazon or Legal Options

With our services we save you time and valuable resources. We clean up the seller landscape and immediately enforce any new violators. We  identify unauthorized sellers. Once the bulk of the unauthorized sellers are removed our enforcement continues. As new unauthorized seller hit the market they are met quickly our Enforcement Team. This continual process scares away unauthorized sellers before they get too comfortable.

  • Investigation of Sellers – Names, Addresses, Sourcing, Sales & Profit etc.
  • Proprietary Techniques to Remove Sellers Permanently
  • Unique Brand Protection Strategy Creation
  • Proactive Enforcement Solutions
  • Advanced Investigative Techniques
  • Product Sourcing and Supply Chain Control
  • Marketplace Monitoring
  • Problem Seller Identification

Legal options

  • Warning Letter

An suspension and refusal letter explains to the seller why he is involved in infringement and counterfeiting. The infringing party will be provided with the opportunity to destroy the infringing product, pay a monetary settlement, and compensate the customer for lost sales. If the parties in question agree to the terms contained in the ceasefire notice, we will make a formal agreement. If the party in question does not agree to the suspension and denial letter or refuses to respond, we will file for an interim junction.

  • Formal violation report to Amazon, Alibaba, DHgate, Wish, Ebay & Co.

Infringing sellers who do not comply with the suspension and refusal letter will be reported for infringement and counterfeiting. We make a formal presentation to the marketplace that a trial purchase has been made and that a competitor’s evaluation has shown that it has been

Our Results

Brand protection is fairly simple when you get down to it. Either you stop the violator from selling your product through legal means or marketplace policies, or you stop them already from obtaining the product.

  • Increased Overall MAP Compliance Percentage
  • Lower Unauthorized Seller Counts
  • Lower Unauthorized Seller Inventory Totals
  • A Cleaner Marketplace – Better Reviews, Better Brand Integrity
  • 95%+ Removal Rate
  • 95%+ Identification Rate
  • Long-term Improvement for your Brand

However you access our expertise, we’ll safeguard your brand with a cost-effective, market-leading response.

Z I E R H U T * I P  Attorneys for Brand Protection

With unparalleled experience we, Z I E R H U T * I P , defend the valueable brands of our clients on all marketplaces worldwide using a combination of our advanced techniques, unique Brand Protection Strategy, our partnership with Customs Authorities, our large network of local agents to perform on site investigations, inspections and test purchases in more than 100 countries. Our proprietary technology is the core of our solution with learning algorithms that scan the internet and identify infringements all while reporting in real time to our clients.