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When it comes to brand protection in Europe and to protect your good name and your products, we are the right partner.

We are one of the leading boutique law firms for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting in Europe. Our headquarters is in the  Maximilianstreet in the middle of the heart of Munich in the south of Germany.

We can help you. We have 16 years experience in all areas of intellectual property rights.

Zierhut IP - Anwalt für Markenrecht in München

“Expert knowledge in brand protection and counterfeit border control”

Alina Landver, Director of Intellectual Property Ed Hardy
“I thank Chris so much for his great work for all our brands in the Ed Hardy family”
Christian Audigier, Ed hardy founder

“Unmatched work. Mr. Zierhut is my lawyer”

Reza Tehrani, Director Earnest Sewn
“After years of lack of control by the authorities, we were able to take a major step forward in brand protection, especially in Europe. Christian succeeded within a year in developing a true x-ray image. He revealed the criminal persons and took high-effective counter-measures.”
Maria Bricall

Satisfied Clients

World-famous brands and clients such as multiple MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi, fashion label Earnest Sewn, Lord Calvert, the World Boxing Association WKU and some of the best-known automotive refiners rely on the expertise and strategies of Chris Zierhut to protect their brands, ideas and products.

Lawyer for trademark protection in Munich

We are pleased that you have become aware of a trademark protection expert. If you want to protect your company name or your product, help us with expertise and experience. For trademark protection, it is necessary to register your trademark with the Patent Office. But how is it not done? It must also be exceeded the absolute and relative protection ratios. We believe that we have a lawyer for trademark protection with advice and assistance. You receive comprehensive legal advice on trademark protection. We assist you in changing your trademarks, trademark infringement or trademark license agreement negotiations.
With expertise and experience, we are your competent partner in the field of trademark law.

Trademark law Munich

If a brand name is added, the trademark is determined. With these rights you can proceed with possible trademark infringement. Once your brand is, that’s the trademark right. You must decide if and when your license plate may be used. If the idea allows a breach of trademark rights, we support them to take legal action against these violations. For the unpredictable use of the mark must be paid if necessary, a compensation. The rights are to be taken completely and completely from the owner. By licensing it is possible to fulfill the rights to third parties and pass them on. Again, we support you as a lawyer for trademark law in Munich with our legal advice.

Lawyer Competition Law

The purpose of competition law is to regulate competition between market participants with the ultimate objective of free competition. In our office we specialize in competition law. If you are intimidated by competition law and an agreement is in front of you, what we should do. There is much to suggest that it is worthwhile if it does not come to a warning. As a competition lawyer, we help you take appropriate action to make your brand legally secure.

Lawyer Competition Law Munich

We are your lawyer in Munich with a focus on competition law. We reject your legal assistance before it comes to a mitigation. With our extensive knowledge, we make your website legally compliant. You have received a competitive clearance? No problem. We expertly check whether there is actually a reason for the removal.
You have discovered a hidden and a mitigation against a competitor pronounce? Also in this case we help you gladly.

More than 10 years experience in competition law

The lawyers in our law office in Munich offer more than 10 years of experience in competition law. We have many lawful legal rights and experience available to you. We also support you with our experience and our legal issues.

Lawyer Competition Law Munich

If you need the lawyer of a lawyer for competition law in Munich, we are here for you. You can contact us by phone or e-mail. We extend your interests and help you with professional expertise. With a case-by-case approach. We look forward to your call or message.